Online Video, TV Commercial
& 3D Animation Production

Orly is a leading New Zealand video production company operating in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, producing outstanding online video, television commercials and stunning 3D animation, for businesses across Australasia and the USA, looking to engage employees and persuade customers.

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Video Media Partner

Think of us as your creative media partner, with a focus on video content. If you’re looking to raise brand awareness and engage new markets, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Getting Results

Creating targeted video content, optimised and delivered. Ready to get results on your Website, Business Presentations, Email Marketing, Trade Shows, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Television.


You get one chance to make
a great video... so do it right!

With video production, you get one chance to do it right, and the result comes down to the people you trust with your project. We’re not just video producers, we’re experienced video marketing professionals, here to bring clarity to our clients’ stories. We take complex messages, and turn them into vibrant, engaging video delivering business goals.

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Full Service Solutions

We provide full video marketing, production service solutions for online, website, social media, training and health & safety video. Including creative development, script writing, camera crew, production, voice over recording, 3D animation, 2D motion graphics and editing

Talent & Technology

Videos… your customers are watching them, following them and making purchase decisions based on them. That’s why we offer a balance of experienced creative talent and advanced technology. So you can harness our experience and innovation to advance your business goals.

International Crew

We’ve developed a worldwide network of prequalified video professionals, providing us with the ability to quickly shoot video almost anywhere in the world, even at very short notice. Better communication and efficiency, resulting in higher production values, and lower cost.


TV Commercials & Online Video
...making a real difference

We​’re an award-winning  New Zealand tv commercial & branded video production company for small to medium companies, creative agencies and many of Australasia’s most respected brands.​ ​We’ve developed great systems for the creative development production and post production of affordable, outstanding tv commercials and branded video that makes a real difference for our clients.

Turning aspirations into reality

We create tv commercials, so that our clients can punch above their weight and take on their competition. So when you’re ready to launch a new brand or add value to an existing one, we can turn your aspirations into reality.

Branded 90 second online video

While television commercials remain one of the most powerful and cost effective means of mass marketing, we also produce branded online video. Branded videos designed to gently persuade over a longer timeframe generally up to 90 seconds… or even longer.


3D Animation & Motion Graphics
...get business moving

Our 3D animation and 2D motion graphic artists seamlessly blend design​ and​ movement, to create attention grabbing animations. Product, technology, photorealistic and character animations for online and social media video, commercials, presentations, trade-shows. training, explainer videos and more.

We’ve created an enviable reputation for quality and innovation, working with creative agencies and businesses for well over 20 years.  We’re professional, passionate, down to earth and extremely good at what we do.

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Photo-Real 3D

Orly 3D photorealistic still images and animations​ have virtually no limitations; they’re perfect to explain how products, ideas, architecture, technology and systems work. They’re also, almost impossible to discern from actual video footage.

Explainer Video

Our 2D Explainer Videos clarify ideas, services and products by extracting the essence of stories, converting them into dynamic and easily understood, animated videos, to attract, educate and influence your people, and  your customers.

3D Animation

You’ve most likely been watching our 3D animation work for years in videos, local and national television commercials, websites and business presentations. Our world class 3D animation helps businesses achieve goals and accelerate growth.


Better Business Presentations
...and we mean much better!

We developed iPRES, a unique video-centric, business presentation system to empower like never before. You’re no longer constrained by boring powerpoint presentations. We make business presentations not just better, we make them mean something and get people talking, not just watching.​ ​We have a vision for doing it better, and we mean much better​. So if you’re serious about a totally new approach to presenting your business… call for a demonstration.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine business presentations, to deliver stunning content, with user flexibility to customise everything. When you’re ready for a fresh new approach to presenting your business, give us a call… and take a look at iPRES.

The Future

iPRES is an interactive presentation system developed by Orly to support an entire organisation. You’re no longer confined by boring text based Powerpoint presentations. Unleash your business personality and take it to a new boredom-free world.

Your Business

With iPRES you’re fully in control of every presentation. You can respond immediately to evolving discussions and seamlessly adapt your presentations in real-time, creating unique opportunities to develop meaningful conversations.

aerial drone


Aerial Drone Cinematography
Taking video to new heights

Our professional aerial drone pilots and cinematographers, are among the best in the industry. We’re fast and efficient and deliver stunning aerial drone still photography and UHD video footage for tv commercials, marketing videos, advertising, news and documentaries. No matter where you’re based, we’ll tailor our nationwide services to your project needs.

Ultra High Resolution Video & Photography

We’ve been shooting dynamic aerial footage for over 20 years. We use professional, two-man controlled (4K RAW) aerial drone systems, with the most innovative and a powerful sensor, setting new heights in image quality for stabilized aerial video and still photography.




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